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Over 50 years of activity in Riolo Terme in a magical place in the heart of the Romagna hills

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every day a hearty breakfast and homemade Romagna cuisine

Our kitchen is directly taken care of by the owner and chef, Mrs. Carla.

The kitchen always offers a rich and varied menu with a prevalence of typical Romagna dishes, a choice of three dishes per course. Every day we offer a homemade dough with a rolling pin and handmade according to our Romagna tradition with zero km products. On our tables you will always find tortellini, tagliatelle, tortelloni riolesi, garganelli, spoia lorda, strichetti, piadina from Romagna, raviggiolo cheese, IGP shallots, salami from Romagna, meat from Romagna and mora romagnola breed and many other delicacies from our valley.

We also offer rich buffets of fresh vegetables and fresh fruit every day, giving priority to our area, in fact for our food supply we rely on local farmers. Even the wine comes from producers of Riolo Terme because we believe it is important to preserve the genuineness and flavors of our land.

The breakfast service is buffet style in the basement of the hotel and starts very early, at half past six in the morning, and is one of the strengths of the hotel. The buffet is rich and varied, and you can find organic, whole and natural products.

Every day we offer hot croissants, donuts, apple pies or other sweet and savory cake, fresh bread, fresh milk, biscuits, rusks, honey, jams, chocolates and Nutella®, natural fruit juices and pulps. We have the corner of sliced meats and cheeses, hot toast, boiled or fried eggs, freshly squeezed oranges or lemons, smoothies, ace and orange drinks, the corner of the yogurt shop, and also the tea and herbal tea corner along with the section dedicated to cereals.
Feeding ourselves is the most important daily gesture we make to get closer to a correct lifestyle and keep ourselves healthy. A moment often overlooked without paying attention to what we eat and without pleasure. Pleasure comes from the awareness of nourishing and assimilating healthy foods and benefits for our body.

“We think that a good day starts in the morning and therefore we have been trying for years to improve ourselves in offering breakfast”


Why choose Cristallo hotel?

  • Family atmosphere
  • Tradition and cordiality
  • Proximity and discounts for the “Terme of Riolo”
  • “Romagna” cuisine
  • Relax and peace


Hotel Cristallo

via Firenze, 7 – 48025 Riolo Terme (RA)
Phone: (+39) 0546.71160 | Mobile (+39) 345 22 72 008 | Fax: (+39) 0546.71160
Vat N. 01123050393 – REA 122173 RA
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