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Over 50 years of activity in Riolo Terme in a magical place in the heart of the Romagna hills

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The regulation of the Hotel Cristallo of Riolo Terme is established to guarantee all guests an orderly, peaceful and peaceful use of the structure.

It is contractual in nature so the request to stay at the hotel and the acceptance of this request implies the total acceptance of this regulation.

Failure to comply as required by Italian law involves the removal of the guest and notification to the police or carabinieri public security authorities.

1)  Documents: Upon arrival, guests must be required to provide identification documents for the purpose of filling in and communicating attendance to the police, including minors, strictly;

2)  It is absolutely forbidden to bring guests and people not registered in the hotel up to the room and, therefore, they must leave their ID at reception;

3)  Parents of children or young people or (those who exercise parental authority) are responsible for acts performed by minors within the hotel and are required to monitor them and to ensure that they behave correctly towards other guests and are obliged to respect for silence;

4)  The hotel rooms are available from 1.30 pm on the day of arrival and must be vacated by 10.00 am on the day of departure unless otherwise agreed with the hotel management. Room keys must be returned to reception. Rates are per day regardless of the time of entry;

5)  Our hotel has always agreed to stay for free in its own animal facility provided it is informed at the time of booking. The customer within the accommodation facility must ensure that the animal is kept in such a way as not to cause nuisance noise and damage to other guests and to the hotel. Only pets with sanitary rules can access the hotel. Pets are not allowed in the breakfast room and restaurant room and must be kept on a leash. The cleaning of the room must be allowed to our staff. The management may request compensation for any damage caused. The right to privacy is guaranteed to each customer as required by the law;

6) It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the rooms and the structure. Guests can smoke outside on the terrace and on the veranda;

7)  Prohibitions: It is forbidden for safety reasons to use stoves, food warmers, irons or coffee makers in the rooms. To wash, roll out the laundry, iron, there is a special area under the covered garage near the laundry that is open from 09:00 until 14:00 and you need to contact the room staff. In the hotel there is also a laundry service against payment at the reception. For rates and bag collection for washing contact the reception. It is forbidden by the municipal regulation to hang clothes on the windows;

8)  The linen in the rooms and the dining room is replaced as required by the 3-star hotel rules. The change of bathroom linen is changed every two days bed linen once a week. Any daily change of linen will be counted as a supplement to be paid. It is forbidden to take the linen away from the hotel. In case of missing linen we would be forced to charge it to the account;

9)  In our hotel separate waste collection is carried out and therefore we ask you to use the differentiated containers. Do not waste water and electricity when leaving the room, close everything;

10)  In case of damage to the structure, the objects or the loss of the keys you will have to pay the fee back to the hotel;

11)  Security deposit: The management declines all responsibility and cannot refund anything for the goods not kept in the safes of their rooms or leave them in the main hotel safe. If the customer deems the safe of the room suitable for personal values, the hotel management offers a storage and custody service. According to the civil code regulation, the management has the obligation to accept in custody, paper money, cash and valuables, but it can refuse to keep dangerous, bulky objects or items deemed excessive;

12) Hotel parking: It is behind the internal hotel but not monitored by video cameras. The management is not responsible for any damage or theft caused to cars, mopeds or bicycles in the parking lot. Each customer can bring their own bicycle in their own room but the management cannot answer for damage or theft of customers’ bikes;

13) Silence hours: At 1:30 pm – 4:00 pm and 10:30 pm – 8:00 am customers are asked to observe appropriate behavior in order to ensure that guests’ rest is not disturbed (including the high tone of voice in the area rooms and the use of clogs or noisy shoes in the rooms or slamming doors or shouting of another kind). The use of television or radio is permitted in moderation of the volume. The reception also has TV headsets for guests who request them;

14)  The breakfast room is located in the basement minus one and is served from 06:30 to 09:30. The restaurant is located on the ground floor with an entrance next to the reception. Lunch is served at 12:30. Dinner is served at 7.30pm. We kindly ask our customers to respect the hours, a maximum delay of 30 minutes is allowed. Every day a varied choice is available in the menu that must necessarily be filled in and left to the staff of the restaurant;

15)  All food must be consumed in the breakfast room or in the restaurant. The removal from the buffet tables is forbidden without having requested authorization from the dining room staff. There are cameras active 24 hours a day so any violation will be charged to the account;

16)  Please promptly report food intolerances and allergies to the staff or reception;

17)  Hotel Hours: The hotel opens at 06:00 am and closes at 01:00 am. For the night service in case of emergency please call the numbers from the hotel telephone: 404 or 368 or 054671160 or 3452272008 we are always present and available as we owners live in the hotel;

18)  Doctor: the medical guard carries out the following hours from 20:00 to 07:00 telephone number 800244244 while during the day it is necessary to contact the tourist doctors of the ASL telephone number 0546972828 Pharmacy 054674052 FIRST AID: 118;

19) Shuttle service or bus service: ask at the hotel reception;

20)  WI-FI and internet point: wi-fi is free for the exclusive use of hotel guests and offers coverage throughout the hotel. The network is monitored and controlled by the police post and a password is required to access the reception. The internet point is in front of the breakfast room;

21)  Telephone system: dial 0 to take the line for external calls to the hotel + desired number; 9 to call the reception; 413 kitchen and restaurant; 414 breakfast room; 404 – 368 for night-time emergencies;

22)  TV Room: receiving digital terrestrial, including foreign channels mode. Keep volume low;

23)  Mini-bar: the minibar is empty and is filled only upon indication of the guest at the reception;

24)  Hotel payment: please pay the hotel bill the day before departure. Payment methods are accepted: cash, bank checks, debit cards, credit cards, bank transfer: UNICREDIT BANCA branch of Riolo Terme 03370 iban: IT90B0200867580000001007127 code bic swift UNCRITM1PT0 ;

25)  Tourist tax: the tourist tax is not included in the hotel price list and must be paid separately. The hotel collects the tourist tax on behalf of the municipality of Riolo Terme, which uses it for tourism purposes;

26)  The pension price is applied for a minimum stay of three days. The pension does not include water and bottled wine and bar consumptions, phone calls, laundry. Meals not consumed during retirement will be deducted to the extent of 10% of the pension price.



Why choose Cristallo hotel?

  • Family atmosphere
  • Tradition and cordiality
  • Proximity and discounts for the “Terme of Riolo”
  • “Romagna” cuisine
  • Relax and peace


Hotel Cristallo

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